A portion of the initial supply of REX on PulseChain shall be given to the SAC PHASE participants.

This is for everyone who has missed the BSC-based airdrop.


Why sacrifice PLS tokens?

Each sacrifice represents how strong they believe that blockchains are speech and speech is a protected human right.





1) The SAC PHASE happens from REX DAY 1 to REX DAY 28.

2) During SAC PHASE, participants may sacrifice PLS tokens by sending them to the SAC CONTRACT.

3) The adress of the SAC CONTRACT is: (tba).

4) Do not send other tokens to the SAC CONTRACT.

5) Minimum SAC per address and per transaction: 100,000 PLS.
6) Multiple SAC transactions per address are allowed. They accrue.

7) The SAC CONTRACT saves the amounts of incoming PLS for each sending address.

8) 5% of the incoming PLS are held within the SAC CONTRACT for providing liquidity on REX DAY 22.

9) 95% of the incoming PLS are forwarded to the SAC ADDRESS.


10) CLAIM:

From REX DAY 29 (when the SAC PHASE is over) until REX DAY 365, SAC PHASE participants may claim liquid REX tokens - to stake them at will, as they please. Navigate to the web3 app (, connect your wallet and find the "CLAIM FROM SAC" button in your Dashbaord. When claiming, you are making the contract mint liquid REX into your wallet. Add the token to your wallet to make them visible.


Make sure to claim your liquid REX asap and consider to create REX STAKES immediately - REX pays time!


Check the whitepaper to learn about REX STAKING and earning REX REWARDS.


REX Liquidity creation

The SAC CONTRACT is responsible for creating liquidity in the REX-PLS pair on PulseX.




1) The first SAC transaction happening on (or after) REX DAY 22 will send liquidity to the LIQUID PAIR (REX-PLS) on PulseX.

2) The sent liquidity consists of 5% of the sacced PLS and 5% of the initial REX supply.

3) The link to the pair on PulseX is: (tba)




While REX is also available on PulseX from REX DAY 22, the SAC PHASE still continues until REX DAY 28. So, for receiveing the highest possible amount of REX, the user may now check whether it's better to SAC PLS or to buy from PulseX. Be aware, the price of REX on PulseX will rise (by design) and the price of REX from SAC will rise (by design: the more PLS are sacrificed, the less REX per PLS will be received).



In case of doubt or uncertainty, please ask questions in our REX telegram main chat.